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February 24, 2019

God SpeaksMost of you
will go to great measure (lengths)
to keep your environment clean.   Few of you
go to great measure  (lengths)  to keep your Spirit clean.
The things of Earth are temporary; the things of Spirit are eternal;
therefore, it is important for you to alter your perspective, and keep
your Spirit ~ clean!  And The Holy Spirit says: You focus ~ on that
which you see, right now;  and,  if you are looking
around you,
and you see dust  on furniture,  dirt on the floor,  a spot on
your clothing, you set an intention to take care of
to remedy that, to clean it, to clear the dirt from your
environment,  or from your person.   You do this,
because you see it.   Most of you  do not see
the  things  of  Spirit; so, it requires  more
attention  to care for  the Spirit;  but,
it  is  more important,  than what
you can see, with the eyes of
your body.  Take steps to-
wards cleaning, clear-
ing, and maintain-
ing, the Spirit,
that you