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February 24, 2019


Sunday Sermons
February 24, 2019
For The
Spirit, Within


          “I AM with you!  And it is a joy to be with you!  I bring joy, I bring peace, and when you hear Me, or feel My presence, it should settle about you: confidence, courage, strength; for, if I can reach through The Corridors of Time, it soon becomes hope, and hope soon turns to trust and faith, that you too can reach through The Corridors of Time!  My words were not false when I said you can do all that I AM doing, and even greater things.  So do not let the world tell you, that you cannot do, that which I did; and, this is one of the main reasons I reach through the veil to touch you, I reach to your Spirit to hear Me, so you do not lose faith, so you remember who you are, while you are on your journey, upon the Earth! 


“It is easy ~ to take care of that which you see ~ with the eyes of your body.  It does not take much to look around and see that which needs maintenance, that which needs tending.  You do not sit in a chair and watch something fall into disrepair; for, you wish to take care of that which you use.  You do not sit in a chair and watch dust pile-up, or dirt gather upon your floor, for it is important to take care of your home.  Most of you will do anything to clean the environment, the air you breathe, to pick-up trash along the road, to keep your world, your environment, free of debris; and, you go to great effort to do so.

“Because you cannot see the realm of Spirit around you, you do not take as much time to tend the Spirit realm.  Remembering that you are Spirit, first, will open the door to keeping your inner-corridors clear and clean, keeping the body of your Spirit clean.  If I could peel the scales from your eyes, you would see, and you would know, instantly, you are never alone.  There is so much going on around you; and, the world of Spirit, needs tending, observing, watching.

“So, if you cannot see it, you might ask, ‘Well, how do I go about keeping my spirit clean?’.  And, I will tell you.  You feel it, sometimes you hear it, and sometimes you know it.  You see a soiled spot on a garment you are wearing, and you wash it.  You see dirt on the floor of your home, and you sweep it clean.  You see the things which require attention, and you take care of them.  This is how you keep your spiritual house clean!  You pay attention to it.  The more attention you pay to your spiritual life, the more you feel it, the more you know it, the more familiar it becomes!

“When you permit ~ anger ~ to move into you, you feel the rising-up of the anger, and you feel the exhaustion after the anger.  You feel anger.  You create anger.  You feel hatred, you know what it feels like.  You do not see the energy of hatred, but you see the direct results of hatred.  You feel it, you know it.  Some of you hear the voices within you, the tempters, calling you to hate, to be angry.  These things are the dirt, these things are the unclean spirits, these things are the source, of your discomfort, from within.  And it is possible for each of you to free yourselves from this dirt, from this unclean environment, but you must recognize it, as such.  The only thing that is required ~ is attention to what is going-on within you; ~ and you know it, oftentimes you hide it, from others around you, but that does not deny it exists within you.  Therefore, clean it out!

“The best way to begin focusing on that which needs to (be) maintain(ed) in your spiritual environment ~ is to stay connected with The Creator, ~ with God!  Go to God, at certain times of day, and even if you do not have an hour or two to spend this way, you certainly have a minute or two.  Connect with God: ‘Here I am, God, guide me.’  ‘Here I am, God, I love you.’  ‘Here I am, God, thank you.’  Any form of greeting, or acknowledgment, is as if you have taken a cord and plugged it into an electric outlet.  Instantly, a source of powerful energy is yours, a source that has been with you all of the time, but you just have not used it.  Today I urge you to use, this, that is yours, the power of God, which will flow into you, and all you have to do is acknowledge, and begin to understand the power, of God, within you.  Make the connection.  Begin sweeping-up, and cleaning-up.  Do not permit anger ~ to soil ~ your inner chambers.  The temptation will be there, yes; but you do not have to give it entrance.  You are the only one, who can permit entrance, into your inner-being.  Say, ‘No!’  Say, ‘Go!’  Say, ‘Be gone!’  Say, ‘I cast thee from me!’  Say anything you choose to string together with words that are familiar and comfortable to you; but begin to understand the importance of cleaning the inner-you, the real you, the Spirit that is you!

“The things you are tending today that you can see will all fall in disrepair, will all melt away, including your body; but the Spirit that is you, that was created in the image and likeness of God, will never die!  Therefore, focus, on what is eternal, the eternal you!  The eternal you is what is animating your body right now.

“Today, begin focusing on the eternal you, by connecting with The Eternal Creator of you, and begin to be familiar, with the power that is yours, as a child of God!”