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February 24, 2020



      Put down your worry.  Set aside all concerns.  Take a long look around you.  Do not hurry as you observe Earth and all her beauty, for I did set her amongst the stars, and decorate her with great mountains, and oceans, flowers, plants, birds, and beasts, and fishes, and you.  Today, forget that which is a problem for you and walk upon Earth as you were meant to do.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The worries you had ten years ago have melted away.  The songs you sang fifteen years ago, most of them, still remain, in fact that sweet refrain echoes in your ears.  The worries and fears you had five years ago have melted away.  But the joy you had, while you did walk and play, these things remain within you.  Pay attention to that which lasts, it is the sweet memory referred to as the past.  It lingers with you, the good things you did, the good things you received, the songs you sang, and the dances, which were complete.  Today, set aside all concerns and walk upon Earth, announcing who you are in song.