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February 24, 2021



      I wish for you to know The Way of Peace.  And it begins with forgiveness, being willing to forgive others, and yourself, for all transgressions, so you are free of them.  It continues with refusing to judge others.  Once you are free, once you have forgiven fully, once you are free, once you no longer judge, you are at peace.  You breathe, deeper.  You breathe, slowly.  You breathe, with intention, and purpose.  You breathe.  You breathe, knowing what you are doing.  You are freeing yourself, in forgiveness.  You are freeing yourself, every time you refuse to judge another, or yourself.  And this freedom, which has its roots in forgiving, and in not judging, establishes, within you, a sanctuary of peace.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       To walk in peace means you are less likely to be attacked by stress, to be made ill by stress, to be agitated, and irritate, by stress.  The road to peace, The Ways of Peace, free you.  You are happier.  You are whole.  And most often, you are healed.  This all comes about, from your willingness to forgive, from your intention not to judge others.  And it extends to yourself, as well.  Forgive yourself, do not judge yourself.  It is important, for you, to remember, judgment is not yours.  It has not been given to you to judge.  Therefore, be quick to forgive, refuse to judge, and enjoy your time upon Earth, living The Ways of Peace.