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February 25, 2020



      Have you ever noticed that the only time you feel lost and afraid is when you have been distracted, when you have turned and walked away, and the connection has become less and less complete and fully made?  Today, refuse the distractions, maintain the connection, for when you are standing in My light, when you are receiving the love that flows constantly to you, it is impossible to feel lost, it is impossible to be afraid, for you are living within the light wherein you were made, wherein you were created, wherein you are eternally loved.  So, when you do feel lost, when you do feel afraid, let it be a sign, of immense proportion for you, that it is time to return Home, it is time to reconnect fully, it is time to stand in the light and feel My love for you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is most often true, that most of you have electric outlets in your home.  And, when you plug the electric cord into the outlet it provides energy, electricity, to power lights, and vacuum cleaners, and fans, and ovens; but, the source of the power must connect.  If the cord is not connected, the light will not turn-on, no matter how grand the light, no matter how bright it is meant to be.  The vacuum cleaner will sit silent, the tools will do nothing, the oven not cook, the refrigerator not cool.  You must tap into The Source of the power, and you must do it with thought and intention, to make use of the power that is available to you.  Use this as a sign today, you have, at your call and intention, The Power, and The Glory of eternity.  You have The Source from The Creator of All Things.  Now, connect to it, and sing.