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February 26, 2019

God SpeaksIn order to free yourself of all debris, you must
be willing to stretch your ability to forgive,
beyond your comfort zone to a place
where it is possible to forgive all,
even those you believe have
caused you, or those you
love, harm.  Once this is
accomplished, you will walk
The Way as an enlightened being,
free from the baggage that held you
in place;  but first, you must be willing.
And The Holy Spirit says:   You  will  find
there are times when you will encounter
individuals or situations which you find
most difficult to forgive; in fact, to your
surprise,  you  might  find  you do not
want  to  forgive!   When you reach
this place, alter your perspective
in such a way, that you see it
as the opportunity you
have been wait_
ing for,
and embrace it.
Take yourself to a quiet place,
be still, and sit in the presence of God
for guidance: so that you might accomplish
that which is yours to accomplish; so that you might
forgive all, even those who have harmed you in any way.



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