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February 26, 2020



      Whatever is troubling you today, come and sit with Me, and I will tell you The Way.  When the world says, “You should be angry,” I will say, “Love them.”  When the world says, “You should be guilty, you should feel guilty, you are guilty,” I will say, “I love you.”  When the world cries-out that you should seek revenge, I will say, “Be at peace in My light.”  The world will send you in one direction, but I will draw you to Me, and we will be at peace together.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       There will come a day, when you have moved beyond the veil, when you will be asked to speak, to tell all that happened along your journey upon the Earth.  And, it will be at that time when you will find that many times your way of acting, and speaking, and thinking, was divine, and you will know, then and there, that God moved you beyond despair into love and light.  These things you will know once you pass through the veil; but, it would be good for you to know them and practice them, now.  Begin today to live another way, a way that is filled with The Love of God and The Light of God.  Do not follow the temptations to anger, even to mockery.  Do not laugh at another’s despair.  Walk upon the Earth as if you know God is there.