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February 26, 2021



      Let that which you do, in the name of kindness and compassion, spring forth from the fountain of love, rather than from the chamber of societal demands. Be mindful, and make sure that, that which is done, in the public eye, is not done, primarily, to comply, with expectation, or to seek favor.  There is a well, within you, that well will never run dry.  Go there, lower the bucket, and draw-up the water of My love.  For, it is from the water of My love that you will draw true kindness and compassion.  And, once you drink of the water of My love, and are filled with true kindness and compassion, pass it on, with no thought of what others are thinking, or saying, or doing, with no thought of who is watching, or seeing.  For, I AM seeing, and it is good.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is easy, to fall into the ways, of doing something, primarily, because it is expected of you, because it is just the thing to do.  And it is in this manner that, that which is done, becomes, just another box to check, rather than a gesture of love.  Let your heart be the guide, and, from inside, where God’s love is flowing, you will find the knowing of kindness and compassion.  Go to the well of love, and draw the bucket up, and drink of it.  Drink in the love.  Drink in the compassion.  Drink in the goodness, and the glory, that is God, and then, share it, with others, so they too might know, what Jesus said, so long ago.  God is Spirit, and God is Love.  Go to the well within, and drink of the water of God’s love, and kindness and compassion will well-up, from within you.  No voice of man will compel you, because The Voice of God will imbue you with truth, kindness, compassion, and love.