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February 26, 2023



      Come.  Hear My call, for I AM calling you, today.  Release the hold, on all that is material, and turn to face Me, today, for I have something to say to thee, something unique, and wonderful.  And the words are for you; and all that you can do, will be instructed, in the words that I say.  For while you have plans, and desires, I wish to share, with you, your eternal plan, desire, to move through eternity, with all that is created: on the sacred hills, in the valleys, on the oceans, walking through the desert.  For, in these places, you will find treasures, messages, signs.  Come.  I AM calling you, today.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Resist not the call.  It is stirring deep within you.  It is yours.  I flutter, you feel it.  I move tenderly, you know it.  I whisper, you hear it.  And soon, we are together, within it, the sacred chamber that is, within you, where you will find the answer to all your questions.  It is a place divine.  It is a place divined, for you, by God.  For, I was sent to sit with you, in this sweet chapel, of your inner chamber.  Listen.  Answer the call.