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February 27, 2020



      I love you, and I support you, and encourage you, as you make your journey upon the Earth.  And, this is how you are to support and encourage each other, through the gift of love.  For, if you have made your way through a few years, you have found-out that criticism, correction, trying to make someone do something the way you want it done, very rarely achieves the goal you held in your heart.  For, your heart, your intention, was always good, hoping to show the way, or to guide.  But I tell you, the way to guide, the way to show, is through love, and support, and encouragement.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you have ever been involved in a project, be it running a marathon, or making it through a difficult course of study, or making your way through illness, or sadness, you will remember, when your will began to waiver, you turned the corner, and saw those supporters standing, cheering you on, like the runner in a marathon.  And, while your body is tiring, those cheers, those songs of encouragement, coming from the supporters along the way, buoy your spirit and your determination, and you make it through.  You make it through, because others are standing there to support you, and to cheer you on.  Support each other, encourage each other, and do it with love.