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February 27, 2021



      No matter where you go, I AM there.  I AM there with you, when it seems as if you are alone, when it seems as if you have wandered so far from home, as if you are doomed to wander, lost, and alone.  I AM there.  Talk to Me, for I will hear you.  And once you start talking, do not cease, do not stop talking, for I do hear you.  Once you become accustomed to speaking to Me, all the day through, you will find something has come over you, something has replaced that lost and alone feeling.  That something is My love permeating your being, loving you, from within.  Come, talk to Me.  Let the talking begin, and once you feel you have said it all, I will speak, and you will rise, standing tall, as I remind you, who you are, and that I love you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is possible to be surrounded by a sea of people, and still feel as if you are a castaway, alone on your personal island.  In these times, when desperation threatens to walk in, take a step in the right direction, toward God.  No matter what the situation might be, you will find perspective, when you know God is with you, within you.  And, if you will permit it to happen, The Love of God will enfold you, more powerful than the wave of trouble which assailed you before, before you remembered, God is with you.  You are never alone.