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February 28, 2020



      All that you create is born within your thoughts.  It could be said that creation dwells within your thought, first, because you do not create it without the thought of it.  For, in the beginning My thought was love, and from this thought of love you were born, you were created within My thought of love; therefore, everything else is alien to you, at the core of your being, but love.  This is why you feel so much conflict, chaos, when you permit your thoughts to go anywhere but to dwell in love.  Be mindful of what you are creating in your thoughts, and remember you are of love, therefore do not create the conflict, create from love.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       While you might believe that you are not a loving person, that you do not know how to love successfully, or completely, this is basically not true.  If you follow the thread, all The Way back to God, you will remember, God is Spirit, God is Love.  You were created of God; therefore, at the core of your being, you are the spirit and the love of God, walking upon the Earth.  Therefore, let it be so today, in all you think, and do, and say.