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February 28, ,2021



      Do not follow, blindly, or repeat, without thinking, because following blindly, and repeating words, spoken by others, without thinking upon them, will lead you to a place that you would not go but (for) following others.  Do not be led astray, by following blindly, by repeating words of others, for you will turn around one day, and find, your goal is far away.  You have followed another, from the light of day, into the shadows.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It can be easy to get caught-up, in the ways of others, following what others are doing, saying.  And soon, you find that you are caught-up in a group of people, or a line of people, going in one direction, with no clear idea of where you are going.  You are just following.  If today, this sounds familiar to you, it is not too late, to get out of the group, out of the line, and stop.  Turn around, I AM calling.  God is whispering.  We will show you The Way: to the goals that are yours; to the missions that are yours; to the journey that is for you, specifically.  Following The Whisper of God, following as I lead you, from within, will take you back to The Light, where you can see, once again.