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February 28, 2021


      “I AM with you.  I AM always with you, for that is the promise.  And if you desire to know Me, that is the key, that opens every possibility.  As I love you, and you love Me, the doors are open, the curtains are lifted, the veil is drawn.  And there we stand, you and Me, together, walking into a destiny, that you could not even imagine before, before we made this commitment to each other.  I AM with you, and that will never change.                                                        


     “There are so many examples, of ‘following the crowd,’ that it would take too much time to give you pieces, of this example, and that example, and this story, and that story.  I know that when I say, ‘following the crowd,’ each of you, hearing My words, or reading My words, have an example in your head, already.  It is either something you observed, by watching another, follow the crowd, or perhaps, something you experienced, when you followed the crowd.  Be discerning, and make sure, the one, from whom you intend to gain learning, by following, is worthy. 

      “Do not follow blindly, because a crowd has gathered, around a self-proclaimed leader.  Listen to what is being said.  Watch, and observe, what is being done, before you volunteer to join the crowd, and the leader.  Choose wisely, so that (you do not end-up), by following with the crowd, the self-proclaimed leader, that you do not end-up, at the edge of a desert, when your goal was the ocean, or you do not end-up in a meadow, when your goal was the mountain peak, that you do not stand, distracted, and concerned, when you look around, and think to yourself, ‘this is not for me.  How did I get to this place?  Where am I?’  These thoughts, tumbling, and rolling, in your head, are a sign, a hand reaching to you, saying, ‘Come over here, we will show you The Way.’  At any point, along the journey, as you walk with the crowd, when there is a question, within you, a quiet question, not even spoken aloud, ‘Why am I here, and what am I doing?’  There, is the sign.

      “Thousands of years ago, so many were lost, wandering, following the wrong leader.  And I was sent to show The Way.  This is why My statements, recorded in Holy Scripture, often will say (that)I did not come into the world to condemn the world.  I came to save the world, to show The Way.  In modern words, in your modern words, I would say, ‘Hey, come over here.  Leave that, crowd, and follow The Light.’  That is said in such a simple way, but it is the simple truth of The Way.  I did not come to condemn you for walking with the crowd.  No, I came to stand, and say, ‘I will show you The Way.’  And anyone who heard My words, and heard them, and knew them, as a sign, found it relatively easy to leave the crowd, and join Mine, those gathered around Me, because the words I spoke, were not My own.  They came from Heaven, they were God’s, meant to unlock the heart of each one, who was ready, of each one, who had reached the time.  My words were as a key, inserted into the heart, and the soul remembered, and the spirit rejoiced.  And they left the crowd, to dine at The Table of God.  Yet, I did not come to condemn the following, or the followers.  I was sent to, raise My hand, and summon all who would follow.  I was sent to show The Way, to save those, who would listen, from wandering farther, and farther, away from the truth.

      “There is one Way, that you can ensure your path, is the path you are meant to walk.  And that is: by taking the time to be familiar with The Voice, The Whisper, The Leadings, of God; by taking the time to go within, to sit, and listen, to The Wisdom of The Spirit of God; by sitting, and rejoicing, in My teachings.  For that, which I did say, will surely show you The Way, and lead you out of shadow, and darkness, into the light of a new day, a new time.

      “As I was sent to show The Way, I reach-out to each of you today, and say, Come.  Walk with Me, a while.  Let us amble through the gardens of Earth, breathing-in the fragrance of beautiful flowers, feeling the dew of morning, on our feet, and feeling the warmth of the sun, as it kisses our foreheads, with the rays of a new day.  Come, follow Me.”



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