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February 29, 2020



      Choose every day to live what you know, and to live it in such a way, to live it with such joy, to live it with enthusiasm, and in so choosing, others will see and know, because living what you know is more compelling than telling what you know.  Live that which you know today.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you have lived enough years to have been responsible for teaching someone, another person, how to do something, you will remember that, even in telling how to go about doing something, another person, the one who was listening, found it difficult to do.  But, when you showed how to do it, they followed your example, your direction, and they learned quicker by what they saw.  They were hearing with their eyes that which they could not hear in the words you spoke.  Live what you know so others can see that it is possible to live The Way while they are upon the Earth today.