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February 3, 2020



      I wish for you to know the life changing, powerful experience you might enjoy, during your time upon Earth, when you acknowledge first and foremost who you are.  When you are asked who you are, what is your first thought, what are your first words?  Do you identify yourself as a child of so-and-so, a spouse of so-and-so, a mother, a father?  Do you identify first with your profession or your job, or anything you do in the arts, science?  How do you identify yourself?  However you identify yourself, whatever role you have chosen in your lifetime upon Earth, first and foremost you are My child.  You are a woman or a man of God.  Come the day when this is the first thing you say all the other roles you play will be enhanced and illuminated with the light of a child of God.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       No matter what role you play, no matter which identity you have chosen, first and foremost you are a being of Heaven.  You are an eternal being and you are upon the Earth for a brief time to accomplish a goal and return Home.  Let that be who you are today.