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February 3, 2021



      I wish for you to know the beauty of the mountain.  Look, and see the mountain, in all its majesty.  See the mountain.  I wish for you to know the beauty of the ocean.  Look, and see the ocean.  See the life of the ocean.  I wish for you to look, and see the beauty of the meadow, and the streams, flowing through it, and the trees, growing in it, and the flowers, and the bees, butterflies, insects of all kinds.  And while you look, see the rabbits, and the turtles.  See the sheep.  See the cattle.  See the birds, soaring above you, and feel the breeze.  Know The Wind touches all of these.  And know The Wind touches you, because you too, are My creation.  I see the beauty in thee.  You are just as magnificent, just as glorious, as all that you see around you.  Look, and see, because all, of creation, is a glimpse, of Me, and that includes you.  My Spirit, My Holy Spirit, abides within you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is easy to proclaim the majesty of a sunrise, and the serenade of the sunset.  Do not forget, all the glorious pieces, of God’s Great Creation, are signs, of the love, that flows from God.  The perfect love, that flows from God, created you.  Look, and see creation, and always hold yourself within the proclamation, “Look, and see The Glory of God’s Great Creation.”