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February 4, 2019




God SpeaksEvery time you think of another, when-
ever someone’s name slips into your thoughts,

refuse to go anywhere except to a place of love and
blessing for that particular individual.  Yes, this means
loving those who the world would tell you are your ene-
mies;  for,  each person on Earth right now is spirit first.
The spirit is wrapped in a garment of Earth.  The gar-
ment of Earth, often, does not disclose the great-
ness of the spirit within; but, it is pos
for you to know the spirit within,
and to bring it forth
with a blessing
rather than a cursing.
And  The  Holy  Spirit  says:
You are told that it is impossible
to change another person; but, there
is something that you can do, which will
their light  in shining through;  and,
it is to call forth ~ all the good ~ they do.
When you think of another, bless them!