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February 4, 2020



      You have heard it said that a city on a hillside cannot be hidden.  And, when the light shines upon the city on the hillside it is even more glorious, more amazing, more compelling than ever before.  As you go forth this day, you are as the city on the hillside, and My light is already within you.  Therefore, carry My light, and do not try to hide it, do not mask it, do not cover it.  That which you feel upon your heart, that whisper you hear from within, bring it forth, let it pass through you into the world, for you are the connector between Heaven and Earth; and, that which comes to you from Heaven is yours to give birth upon the Earth.  You are (as the city on) the hillside, you are the light, you are My child.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       For those who carry light into the world created by man there is a peace within them.  They know not the darkness or the shadow, because they are the light.  Therefore, within their simple passing they bring the light, and within the light is held the peace of God.  And, those who deliver the peace of God to others are known as the children of God.  Deliver the light of God today.  Be the city on the hillside as you walk along The Way.