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February 4, 2021



      I love you, and I want to be with you, together, in communion.  Just as you wish to be with those, whom you love, I wish to be with you, in communion, together.  As you draw nearer to Me, our relationship is more loving, because we are exchanging.  It is not one way, with Me loving you, all through the day.  It is you, receiving My love, and returning it.  It is a loving relationship.  I wish to be near you, accepted, and embraced, by you.  So close, we can be, if you will embrace Me, My love, and return it.  As you walk upon the Earth, you will encounter “one-way relationships.”  They never seem to work out.  One is giving love all the time.  The other, oblivious to what is going-on, moving through the day, having love surround them, but not returning it, in any way.  Our relationship is meant to be love from Me to thee, and then back again to Me, a constant avenue, a procession of love, flowing through all time, all the time.  I AM always with you, loving you.  See the change, in your life, when you begin, in return, loving Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       As you begin to draw nearer to God, talking to God, walking with God, acknowledging God, all around you, the lack, that was once the focus, of your life upon Earth, melts away.  There is no lack, in The Love of God.  When you are in this circular relationship, receiving God’s love, and returning God’s love, the love is complete between Parent and child.  Therefore, when you are cold, and the wind of Earth is bitter, you will be so close to God, that God will be The Coat, you slip upon your body, and wrap around you, and there will be comfort.  When you are so close to God, with the exchange of love, any wounds, or injury, you have, that are causing you, to be still, and in pain, will be made better, will be healed, and made whole, once again.  As God is The Balm, The Ointment of Love, you rub on the wounds, until you are free.  God will be all things to thee, as that is how it is meant to be.  But it must be a complete, and circular, relationship.  Receive, and return The Love of God, and you will be at Peace.