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February 5, 2020



      I AM with you, My child, and The Kingdom of Heaven is with you.  The Kingdom of Heaven is within you, as I AM within you, for we are one.  Therefore, as The Kingdom of Heaven is within you, revel in it, be happy in it, and bring it forth for all to know that The Kingdom of God lives.  Let them see it, and know it, through you, through the things you do, through all that you say, through those whom you touch with your love, and compassion, and understanding.  Live in The Kingdom of Heaven today.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Most say it, but very few live it.  Live that God is with you.  Live that The Kingdom is within you.  Live that you know these things, for you are a citizen of The Kingdom of God.  Let it be known.  Let it be shown.  Bring The Kingdom of Heaven fully upon Earth today.