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February 5, 2021



      When you are in a loving relationship, you do not allow it to grow stale, because you feel loved, in that relationship.  In a loving relationship you grow, you get to know each other deeper.  Instead of fading, the life of the relationship grows, and it is richer, and stronger, with each passing day, because of the love that is circulating in that relationship.  It is like a beautiful garden, well-tended, and watered, and fed.  It brings great beauty.  This is the relationship I wish between you and Me.  I will always be with you, flowing My love to you, but you will not feel adequately loved, and nourished, and fed, you will not adequately grow, in your spiritual life, until you begin to take part in the loving relationship, more fully, giving as much as you receive.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you are in a relationship, if you let the relationship fade, if there is no contact, if the communication begins to dwindle, the relationship does not grow.  Most times, if you chance to see each other, you speak of the past, of things you once did, because there is no life to the present.  Relationships, which are important, grow stronger, with each passing year.  You have the opportunity to experience a loving relationship with God, The Creator of All Things, even as you walk upon the Earth.  This is an extraordinary experience, and it is an experience available to each of you, without regard of who you are, or what you do, what you have done, or what you intend to do.  This relationship is available to you.  And the best way to begin this, loving relationship with God, is to take some time to be still, and quiet, so you that might begin to feel The Presence of God with you.  It might take a while, this practice of quiet, but it is well worth the effort, because soon your breathing will take-on a different meaning.  Every breath will be sacred, and you will begin to know The Presence with you, and you will begin to love deeper.  You will not just say, “I love God,” you will love God.  And your life, upon Earth, will be greatly enhanced by knowing God, in a loving relationship, that enfolds you, in The Arms of The Eternal Parent.