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February 6, 2020



      Retaliation is not easy to identify, because it seems justified; but I tell you, retaliation is a temptation which will lead you into shadow.  When you are tempted to retaliate, for anything, remember: turn the other cheek; be kind; be forgiving.  Let the action, whatever it was, stop with you.  When you forgive all things the temptation to retaliate melts away, because the rewards for doing good fill you with light, and where there is light there can be no shadow.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is often easy to feel justified when you want to “get back” at another person, or an institution.  Walk into this new day knowing that there is no justification for retaliation.  Stop, listen, and God will whisper The Way, and you will walk in it, and you will stand tall, and the truth will be observed by all who wish to see that, that which was hurled at thee stopped there.