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February 6, 2021



      The temptation, to look back into the past, will always be with you.  And, if you turn around, and walk back into the past, the temptation, to regret, to guilt, to shame, to frustration, to doubt, will enter your body, just the same, as if you had plunged into a sea.  Do not revisit the past, wishing, and hoping, that you could have done this, or that, or the other.  Resist the temptation to wonder, “Oh, if I had done this, and that, and the other, where would I be today?”  No matter what has happened, in the past, you are standing, where you are, in the present piece of eternity, which you call today.  The present piece of eternity is always with you.  You are in the present.  Therefore, the present, with you, today, you might say, is the most important day.  There is no time, which holds more importance, because right now, at this moment, you can decide, you can choose, to do good, to assist another, to pray for another, to bless another, to do all things glorious.  In this present moment, you can do all the things you wish you could do, right now.  Do not waste today, wondering about yesterday.  Use the present piece of eternity, with you now.  Today is the most important day.  And today, and today, and today, as the present continues to be with you, will always be the most important day.  What are you going to do with the most important day, which is with you, today?

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Wondering, what might have been, takes your heart, and soul, and spirit, away from that which is, now, today.  Write the book of today, today.  Live your life of today, today.  Make all the changes you wish could be made, today.  You see, when you ponder this, just a bit, you will come to realize, that you are always in the present piece of eternity, you call today.  And, you can continue creating, all you want to create, all these glorious, magnificent things.  You can be as kind as you want, right now, today.  You can be as compassionate as you desire, right now, today.  You can create, every piece of eternity, because the present piece of eternity is always with you.  Do not let it slip through your fingers.  However, be assured, that, if you do, there is another piece of eternity, there, with you.  The present piece of eternity is what you call today.  Therefore, today, do not let it slip away.