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February 6, 2022


      “I AM with you.  I AM with you today, tomorrow, forever, just as I have been with you, in the past.  This is a new day.  And there are experiences, set before you.  And the way you meet these experiences, and become one with the experience, will determine what you know, what you carry, within you, how much you grow, in The Ways of God.                                           

“The Ways of God are different from the ways, and the rules, of the world, created by man.  They are constant.  They are.  There is no degree of love.  There is love, full, deep, rich, pure.  And it is the same with forgiveness.  There are no degrees of forgiveness, with God.  There is forgiveness.  There is compassion, no degree of compassion, just compassion, in its fullest.  This is not the same, when you are dealing with these energies on Earth, because the world, created by man, will teach you that there are degrees of love, degrees of forgiveness, degrees of justice and mercy.  And these things are parceled-out, according to how you judge what another is worthy of receiving.  These degrees follow through with the experience of plenty, and the experience of lack.  And when you speak of these things, in the world, created by man, they have to do with money, possessions, health.  But these things are of the world.  The Heavenly Kingdom holds energies as they are, with no degree: love is love; forgiveness is forgiveness; compassion – compassion.  There is no degree.  It is.  In its purest form, it is.  And when the stage is set, in such a way, and the environment, and atmosphere, is in balance, then you always have what you need, as you go through this heavenly experience.  But you can bring this balance, from The Heavenly Kingdom, onto the Earth, and address, lack and plenty, with this substance, first.

      “Each one of you, hearing these words, or reading these words, has, at some time in your lives, encountered an individual, who seems in balance, at all times.  They can walk through, what is considered a crisis, and remain in balance.  And you wonder, where this person learned the lesson of balance, and harmony; because they seem to have exactly what they need, when they need it; but they are not drawn into the lack or plenty yardstick measurement.  They can do this, and be this, because they are holding The Hand of God, and walking The Way of God, while they are upon the Earth.  Their goal is higher.  There is no stress.  There is faith, knowing, that when it is time, to address a need, The Hand of God is there to feed, and comfort, and care.  And so, there is no despair.  There is no degree.  It is the balance.  It is perfect harmony.

      “This will take some time to settle, within your being, but soon you will come to understand, to comprehend, where The Hand of God is leading you.  The ways of the world, created by man, will not be in The Kingdom of God.  The Kingdom of God is balance, and harmony, and justice, and mercy, for all, equally, without measurement: because that is how God loves you, each one of you, without measurement; because God is love, and within The Realm of Heaven there is no doling-out, cutting in portion, setting aside.  None of this happens because love is love, compassion is compassion, mercy is mercy.  There is no high.  There is no low.  There is only one place you can go, when you are holding The Hand of God, and this is so.  The places you go, as you walk upon Earth, will be filled with peace, and serenity.  And a calm breeze will blow, and settle around you all that you need to know, as you journey, upon the Earth.”