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February 7, 2019





God SpeaksDo not permit bitterness, or anger,
to take-up residence, within your be-
ing.  Sweep the corridors, the hallways,
the chambers of your inner-self.  Make sure
you are clean, free from debris; and then, rise-
up, and see how free you are, how clean and clear
you are,  how hearing, with clarity  is with you, once
again. And The Holy Spirit says: Do not intend to set-
up housekeeping, cleaning the passageways and the
ways of others; for, this will lead to frustration.
It is meant for each one to take care of that
which is within them!  The human
body is a temple, wherein
The Spirit of God
The Spirit of God
will teach you, and lead
you!  Keep your temple clean!