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February 7, 2020



      Whatever you put into your body, impacts the health of your body.  If you eat healthy foods, if you have a regimen of stretching and exercise, this will help ensure that your body will reach its full potential; but the same thing applies to your spiritual body, as well My child.  Be mindful of what you are feeding your thoughts!  Be certain to reject certain thoughts, those thoughts of darkness and shadow.  It is as if you are ingesting poison, into your spiritual body, when you dwell in thoughts of anger, frustration, worry, concern, sadness, greed.  These energies are heavy, and they will bring you down.  To ensure that your spiritual body is as healthy as it can be, that it reaches its full potential while you are upon the Earth, feed your spirit with thoughts of light and love!  Even saying these words, you find that they are lighter on the tongue, than the words of anger and hatred.  You feel the difference in saying the words.  Therefore, it is up to you to maintain your healthy body, and to maintain a healthy spirit!  The two together will assure that you reach your full potential as you journey upon the Earth.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      After a while you will find that it is easy to reject thoughts of darkness and shadow, because you will identify them as soon as there is a knock upon the door.  And after much practice, you will say, “Go away,” “Get thee from me.”  “I cast you out.”  “I will not entertain you, of this there is no doubt.  Today, I intend to welcome in the thoughts of love, and light, and peace, and feel My spirit grow.”