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February 7, 2021



      Do not voluntarily subject yourself to shouldering the hatreds, the fear, the suspicions of family members, or friends.  Do not carry a burden, created by another.  Look at what you are saying, and doing, and thinking.  Just because your grandparents were angry, or suspicious, of another person, or a group of people, does not mean that you must shoulder that hate, that suspicion, that mistrust, that fear.  You did not create it.  It is not yours, unless, of your own acceptance, you take that, created by your grandparents, or other family members, or friends, and: make it your own; you willingly accept it.  Wash these things from you.  Put down the burdens, others created.  They are not yours to carry.  Understand, you are living now, and you can create that which you carry.  If your creations are of anger, or fear, or doubt, or mistrust, or any such shadowy energies, your burden will be heavy.  But when you create light, when your creation is of love, and peace, forgiveness, and compassion, there is no burden.  You are creating light, and it lifts you up, but it lifts all those around you, as well.  Reject the idea, that you must carry the burden, created by those before you.  And be sure, to think, before you create a burden of your own.  You might say, “It is very difficult.”  But, it is only difficult, because you have been taught the ways of the world, which, most often, include: that you have every right to be angry, for this, that or the other; that you have every right to mistrust that person, or this person, or the other.  The world will teach you these things, and they become engrained, within you.  But The Spirit, within you, rejects these creations.  So you were taught, so you continue.  Well, today I invite you, to come back to My Ways, to My Teachings, to My Love, and My Light, and continue this way, because it is The Way of Peace.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is no need to continue the anger, created by another, for it is not yours.  Begin today, this present piece of eternity, that is with you, today, and create that, which you wish to hold dear to you.  Set down the burdens of the past, and create The Light for today.