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February 7, 2021


      “I AM with you.  I greet you, with news of a new day, a new beginning, a new opportunity to be all you desire to be, to free yourself, from the decisions of the past, and create today, this present piece of eternity, in such a way, that it is a light upon the Earth, a day of light, created by you, on the Earth.                                                


      “While I walked, upon the Earth, I made note, I observed, that from generation, to generation, there were traditions, handed down from one generation, to another.  And these traditions would continue.  And many of them were so good.  But, I also observed, that there was something else, frequently, passed from generation, to generation.  It was anger, or hatred, or suspicion, of other people, individuals, or groups of people.  Now, when this was handed down, from one generation, to another, often, that hatred, mistrust, grew, rather than diminish, because all the stories told, were fueled by the new anger, the new hatred, the new mistrust.  And so, it grew, as it was handed down.

      “Today, I offer you the opportunity to free yourself of the burdens of the past, that hatred, that mistrust, from generations ago.  It is time to set it down, and let it go, so that you are not shouldering the burdens of others, so that you are not carrying the creations, so dark and heavy, of others.  What would you like to create today?  That is okay, set it down.  It is not yours, anyway.  You did not create that hate, that anger, that mistrust.  You are living now.  You are in the line.  You decide that which you will pass-on.  And what will you pass-on?  You might sit for a while, so that you can teach the new, coming generations, to love one another, to forgive one another, to not judge one another.  Judgment is not passive.  It is very active.  And you cannot judge another, without having some punishing aspect of the judgment.  You cannot point the finger, of judgment, at another, without making a fist.  It is impossible to point, the index finger, at another, without having the three fingers, and the thumb coiled-up, into a fist.  And the only thing that is missing, from this fist of aggression, is the finger, pointing the blame, the guilt, the judgment. 

      “Judgment has many aspects.  But you cannot judge another without incriminating yourself.  Refuse to point the finger of guilt at another.  When you begin to look at your hand, and the index finger, shaking back and forth, and the rest of your fingers, curled, tightly, in the palm of your hand, you see aggression, held within judgment.  Relieve yourself of that form of aggression.  Relieve yourself of judgment.  Set it down, and take a positive step, forward.  Open your hand, instead of making a fist.  Open your heart, instead of letting it harden, to need.  Open your arms.  Let your positive, forward movement be the focus of your work.  Heal yourself.  Cleanse yourself.  Forgive yourself.

      “The world does not need more shaking fingers of judgment, or blame.  The world needs more open hands, and heart, and arms.  But you must begin within yourself.  Set down the burdens of the past, all the hatred, the shame, the guilt, the mistrust, and the doubt.  Set those down, and figure-out, what you wish to create, for yourself, and generations, to come.  And then, prayerfully cleanse yourself, in The Light of God.  Rise-up, and take that positive, forward step.  Be The Light unto the world.”