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February 8, 2020



      For those of you who might be tempted to join into an argument, of any type, today, I say unto you, resist this temptation.  Listen to what another says.  Allow another to have the last word.  Be still, for in the quiet you learn much.  Once you are drawn into an argument, of any type, you are using your energy to try to convince another person of your position; and, that other person is using their energy to try to convince you of their position, and so it goes, on and on; and, when finally, the argument ceases, there is no change, except you have used-up your energy and feel tired and drained.  Do not be tempted into the arena, doing verbal combat, which will never produce the desired outcome.  Rather let your position be known in The Way you live, in the things you say, in the deeds you do.  Let goodness be a crown which you wear.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Be quick to listen, for in the listening you know another far better than if you had a retort, a rebuff, a rebuke.  Let the other one speak and know what they are saying.  And, come the end of the day bless yourself and all others, for this is The Way.