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February 8, 2021



      In the everyday world, it can be challenging, to probe the unseen, to feel connected with Me, because there are so many distractions.  There are whistles, and horns, and shouting, all manner of noises, all matter of noises, all distracting you, from the quiet.  To feel fulfilled, and part of all My creation, it is necessary to be still and quiet.  And even when you are still and quiet, it can be a challenge, to probe the unseen, because of the distractions, all around you.  Set a date, make an appointment, to go to a place, that is still and quiet, and sit.  Sit, and breathe, and be, and you will soon feel connected with Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Teachers will often guide you, to places you would never go before you encountered someone, who would lead you, because these places, which you find, taking the hand of another, were not possible, since you did not know of them.  You cannot know that which you do not know.  The only way to go, into the realm of the unseen, is to be quiet, and still, and take The Hand of God.  And God will lead you, into places you have never been before.