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February 9, 2020



      My child, let the spirit you are lead The Way, and let your heart live The Way, bringing your body and your spirit into sync, so that your spirit teaches, and your body learns.  Be mindful to let your heart live, in such a way, that all around you know, they know what you believe, without your ever having to speak, to utter words.  Your spirit knows already, your body is learning.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Sometimes it is easy to say something, to string together a grouping of words, in such a way, that they automatically come out of your mouth, because you have committed them to memory.  At one time, they were said to be so important that you should know them, and know them without even thinking, about what you were saying.  And so, there are many things, from the time you are small, to the time you are grown, that you have committed to memory: saying, ‘thank you,’ saying, ‘please,’ those are easy; saying, ‘I love you,’ that takes sincerity; praying, making statements of faith.  Do not let your words become empty, while your heart is held prisoner behind the bars of frustration, or anger, or greed.  Let your heart speak that which you know, that which has been taught to the body by the spirit you are.