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February 9, 2020



      “I AM with you.  This brings joy.  As I whisper to the spirit you are, your spirit animates your body with joy, for your spirit knows Me, and responds to My call and My touch, responds to The Whisper from beyond the veil.  And there we are, together.  I reach-out and speak, leading you, showing you The Way.  Still, after all these years, I desire to show you The Way.  Come, walk with Me, listen, speak to Me, sing to Me, dance with Me.  Tell Me of the joy that is yours when you see the seasons change, or the sun rise, or the moon set.  Speak to Me, for I AM with you.                                                                       


      “It is easy to let a practiced phrase, sentence, even a solitary word, slip from your tongue, without thought, because it has been practiced and learned for many years.  And, because of these words, spoken without thought, that tender phrase such as, ‘I love you,’ can be empty, without heart, because it has been practiced, and spoken when it was expected to be heard.  I urge you, today, to not let your lips give witness when your heart is held captive. 

      “I encourage you to live the things you wish to say.  When you say, ‘I love you,’ and that phrase is embellished with the actions and the deeds of a loving heart, your words carry weight, are profound, impact those around you.  When you say, ‘Thank you,’ and the words are embellished by a grateful heart, your words are powerful and appreciated, because of the weight they carry.  And, when you pronounce your beliefs, when you say, ‘I believe in God,’ ‘When I speak, God speaks to me,’ ‘Love one another with all your heart,’ ‘turn the other cheek when insulted,’ when you say statements of faith, intended to give witness that you believe, embellish your words with a believing heart, with a heart aflame with love for God.  When your heart is with your words, they are powerful.  When your heart stands alone, filled with love for others, no words are necessary. 

      “Your spirit, My brothers and sisters, came from God.  The spirit that lives within you, which animates the body you are wearing as a mantle or a cloak, right now, is eternal.  When the day comes that you believe this, and you know it fully, your body will follow your spirit.  And, when your body follows your spirit, all will see and know the wisdom of eternity: through what you say; through the seeds you sow; through the glory of God that shines from you, and all around you! 

      “Do not speak thoughtlessly.  Guard what you are saying, until you are sure that it is coming from your spirit; for, it is your spirit which knows God; it is your spirit which holds a piece of God, and The Kingdom of Heaven, within you.  I can speak to you, because I speak to your spirit, we are one!  

      “Release the temptation to cling to the body, you see every day in the mirror, and embrace the spirit you are, for My brothers and sisters, you are an eternal being, but you will not know this fully, you will not realize this completely, until first you recognize the spirit you are!”