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February 9, 2021



      In times of darkness, when you are tempted to despair, and you look around, and find no light is there, go within, and claim The Light, waiting, pure, and fair.  In times of darkness, when no light can be found, it is you, who is meant to wear The Light, as a crown.  And as you rise, and assume the role, you shall be as a star in the sky, marking The Way.  When difficult passage is set before you, The Light, you are to follow, is held within.  The path you blaze, will show The Way you have been, and signal The Way you are going.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The world around you beckons you to follow, in pursuit of material things, objects of desire, worldly possessions.  God calls you to follow The Way, in pursuit of The Divine.  Only the latter guarantees that you shall have all you need.