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      I give you a gentle reminder, so you might remember, and remember early in the day, that you are spirit, first!  You are meant to experience Earth as spirit, wearing an Earth body, so that you might have full experience, so that your spirit might know: the taste of an apple, through your body; so your spirit might know the touch of a tree, the feeling of the bark, the tenderness of the leaf, through your body; so that spirit might know the gentle kiss on the lips of one you love, through your body; so spirit might know how it feels to hold a child, through your body.  This is how you are meant to experience Earth.  Fill your spirit, with the goodness of Earth, through your body!

                                                           And The Holy Spirit says:

      When you walk upon the Earth, fully in your spirit, directing your body: to pick-up this, to move that, to walk here, to sit there, to be still, to sing and dance, this Earth experience is above all other things, because when you do it… in such order, you are following The Divine Plan… spirit first, and let the body follow!




      Every time your body responds to your thought of performing an act of kindness, the vibration of kindness slips into the fibers of your being, and your body recognizes kindness, and kindness becomes a piece of who you are upon this Earth.

                                                               And The Holy Spirit says:

      The noble thoughts of performing deeds of kindness move into the fibers of your body, and your spirit and your body become one, joined in the nobility of kindness.




      Children upon Earth are often told, by their parents: to put on their rain coat; to put on their rain shoes; to cover their head; when they go-out in the rain.  The children of Earth also hear, from their parents, to eat the foods which will provide them energy.  This eating of the right food, and wearing the proper clothing is defense against rain, sickness, and being tired.  Parents are preparing the children for what is occurring around them, when it is raining, do not get wet; and, eat the foods of Earth, so you are healthy.  You are children of Heaven, on Earth for a while, and I, as your Eternal Parent, encourage you to protect yourself, before going-out in the rains: of fear, and doubt, and worry; of anger, and hatred; of greed, and anxiety.  Protect yourself ~ by eating the manna from Heaven, ~ so that you might be healthy of spirit!

                                                             And The Holy Spirit says:

      Wearing a raincoat will not stop the rain.  Eating good food will not stop a cold from making you feel ill, for a while.  Staying connected with your Heavenly Parent, living in The Light, casting from you negative energies, and letting your actions be of love, peace, compassion, understanding, will not stop those things which will come to you; but, living in The LIght of God will give you the answers, of what you are meant to do, when things don’t go quite the way you wish they would go, when you are assailed by darkness or shadow.  You take precautions with your physical body, do the same for your spiritual body, and you will be fit, and sound, and whole, and prepared for all that comes to you!




      It is possible to read about the best results, certain procedures; you can listen to others argue about what would be the best results, the best procedures; but, until you are living it, and seeing it unfold, you do not recognize the best results, the best procedures.  Let example lead The Way!  It is possible to show good results, and never say a word.  Let your actions speak for you!

                                                            And The Holy Spirit says:

      A very great debate, well thought-out theories and ideas, hurled back and forth in the arena of discourse, will not accomplish the goal.  Sometimes it leads people, who are listening to the exchange, to be even more confused, not knowing which side is right, which side might be wrong.  To “know something,” you must live it!  Live what you believe is the best life you can live upon Earth.  And the best life you can live upon Earth is one that is brought-forth in the light, and for the glory of God!  Be humble, be meek, be loving, be the word of God in action upon the Earth!


      When your physical body is tired, weary, operating on less than normal, do not tax it, or push it to do more.  Rest, be still, and give it time to recover from whatever is ailing it, whatever is stressing it.  When your spiritual body is tired, weary, challenged at every turn, do not put it at risk by ignoring the symptoms of stress, shadow, maybe even darkness.  Be still, be quiet, and make the journey within to sit with Me, to be awash in the wisdom of Heaven, to bathe in My Light.  Then, when you are filled with wisdom and The Light, rise-up and walk into the world rejuvenated of spirit, and prepared for whatever comes your way.

                                                              And The Holy Spirit says:

      Do not ignore obvious signs of a weakened body or spirit.  Address what ails you without hesitation, then rise-up and be on your way, refreshed of body, and of spirit, whole once again.

      Resist the temptation to use the energy of anger.  Anger kills.  It weakens your spirit, it brings illness, for it is impossible to use the energy of anger without leaving residue within your body; therefore, anger is a threat to your physical body.  It is impossible to use the energy of anger without diminishing the light of your spirit; therefore, it is a threat to your spiritual body.  Anger is a tool of darkness.  Reject it.

                                                              And The Holy Spirit says:

      If you become angry, do not blame the actions or the words of others for your anger.  To become angry, at any level, you must choose anger.  If you find you are an easy victim for anger, then let your determination, to practice peace, cast it from you.

       “It is only through your belief, that you can hear Me, and feel My presence, that it is accomplished.  I AM always with you, but if the door of doubt is shut, and sealed against My coming, you will not realize My presence with you.  However, if you crack that door of doubt with the thought that it could be possible, the door will soon swing open, and that which you thought at first was impossible, will light you with all the possibilities of trans-dimensional communication, reaching beyond the flat surface, as you know it, into the amazing mysteries of eternity, where there are no boundaries, no limitations, where there are no doors, where all is open and transparent.  Come, I will show you The Way.         


       “It is time for us to address a topic which is not easily approached, when everything is happy and joyful, and all is good with your world.  But, in order to conquer this particular demon of darkness, you must be aware of its presence, so that you can reject it outright, and it will be difficult to reject it outright, if you do not know what it is, if you do not know the power that it holds.  My brothers and sisters I wish to speak to you on the topic of anger.

       “It can be said that there are times in the world where anger is endorsed.  In some cases, it might be called righteous, (when you) stand-up for something that is happening, (when you) strike-back for injustice.  There are all manner of phrases which encourage anger, and I tell you there are all manner of ways to stand-up for the freedom of others, (to) encourage justice for all without becoming angry.  Have you ever looked-into the face of one who is truly angry?  What do you see there?  The face of anger is contorted, it is red, and often the eyes are riddled with red veins, they are blood-shot.  Sometimes the fists are clenched.  Anger contorts the body, increases the blood pressure, and is volatile.  It does not matter whether you are the individual who falls easily to anger, or someone else around you, be mindful that anger is toxic.  It kills.  It will kill your physical body, and it will greatly diminish the light within you.  Anger is exhausting.  Anger brings-on a headache.  Anger can often force individuals into submission.  Anger is manipulative.  Anger does no good.  Reject anger.  When given the opportunity to choose peace and calm, in a situation where before you might have chosen anger, use the opportunity to practice, choose to be at peace.  When turmoil is all around you, you are going to increase the turmoil, and the chaos and confusion, if you add your anger to it.  But, the one, who can rise-up, stay calm, and face the turmoil, brings peace.  All it takes to calm the storm is the power of a peaceful presence.  You have seen it.  Even if you have lived only a few years upon the Earth, you have already seen anger, and had the opportunity to see the opposite of anger.  Therefore, you know the power of a peaceful presence.  It is not an easy assignment for those who find it easy to fall to anger and find it very difficult to resist; but the effort is rewarded with peace, within you. 

      “Do not be tempted to blame others, or other situations, for your anger.  This is the first step to resolving and casting it from you.  Acknowledge you chose anger, over a peaceful presence, each time it erupts.  Do not bring others into the situation.  Let it be your decision, and your victory, when you can actually stand-up and overpower the desire to wield the sword of anger.  Watch it.  Pay attention to those who use it, and you will begin to see the destructive force of anger, rampant in the world today.  Save yourself from anger by developing a peaceful presence within, and this peaceful presence will move, will move you, will move others to see you, then will move others to follow you and the example you have given, so that all of those around you will become very familiar with the power of a peaceful presence.”