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      Put down your worry.  Set aside all concerns.  Take a long look around you.  Do not hurry as you observe Earth and all her beauty, for I did set her amongst the stars, and decorate her with great mountains, and oceans, flowers, plants, birds, and beasts, and fishes, and you.  Today, forget that which is a problem for you and walk upon Earth as you were meant to do.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The worries you had ten years ago have melted away.  The songs you sang fifteen years ago, most of them, still remain, in fact that sweet refrain echoes in your ears.  The worries and fears you had five years ago have melted away.  But the joy you had, while you did walk and play, these things remain within you.  Pay attention to that which lasts, it is the sweet memory referred to as the past.  It lingers with you, the good things you did, the good things you received, the songs you sang, and the dances, which were complete.  Today, set aside all concerns and walk upon Earth, announcing who you are in song.




      There is no need for you to be lost, wandering in shadow and darkness, calling-out, because you do not know The Way.  There is no need, because you have already been sent all the answers you need.  The Messenger came.  The Messiah delivered.  Listen to the words which are still ringing, waiting for any who are willing to hear and follow.  You have the answers, live them.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Over two thousand years ago a Messiah was sent to show The Way.  And, The Messiah did show The Way, did leave the words, echoing through the corridors of time.  The words were pronounced clearly.  The words were pronounced distinctly.  They were a clear map to lead you Home, to set you apart, so that others might see and know The Glory of God in you.  When you stumble and fall, they see another fellow human being.  When you rise-up, they know The Glory of God by seeing.




      ” I AM with you.  I greet you with great joy.  I give you courage and strength through the words I say so that you might rise-up and live The Way.  When it is necessary I touch you, when it is appropriate I call-out to you, when it is a tender time I whisper, and in the stillness, and in the quiet, you hear Me, for we are one.                                                                            


      “These words I say to you so that you might remember who you are.  For, if you claim to know Me, if you claim to follow Me, you are different, and that is how it is meant to be.  I carried-out My mission, came to Earth, did as I was to do, brought many messages, which total one great message, summed-up clearly in the command to love one another.  But, there are many tangents and many pieces to this, ‘love one another;’ and, I shared them, and I shared them clearly and openly, as I walked upon the Earth.  I stood out, yes, because I was different.  I was showing The Way into a new time.  I said clearly, you have heard it said, an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.  I also said, you have heard that you should not kill.  I said many things in reference to the way people were living that day.  A question arose about forgiveness.  It was the standard to forgive three times, yet I implored My followers to forgive seventy times seven times, and beyond that.  In other words, there is no limit to forgiveness.  In other words, ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’ was dead.  It would no longer apply, because that was how everyone was living.  I was calling on My followers to go a step beyond.  And, for those who did follow, and do as My words would lead them to do, they began to live another life, a life upon the Earth that was filled with eternal life.  You cannot know and live the words I delivered without stepping into a new life, an eternal life, a deeper, knowing, relationship with God.  And, by doing these things all those around you become aware of The Glory of God in what you are doing.

      “You do not show The Glory of God if you meet anger with anger.  What you are showing is you have chosen a side, and you align yourself with the side of anger.  You do not show The Glory of God if you choose to laugh with the crowd when another has come upon difficult times, or fallen in a great and mighty way.  In your taking this position, you align yourself with the mocking crowd.  This is not The Way of God.  I did not come and say stone those who break rules.  I did not come and say ignore the hungry or the naked.  I came with a list of things that you could do to draw nearer to God and to know the ways of Heaven as you walk upon the Earth.  Therefore, if you fit-in comfortably with the crowd, who will laugh at others, who will mock others, who will judge others, and who are willing to stone others, you are not showing The Glory of God, you are showing where you stand.

      “Today, I encourage you to review and know.  You know The Way, therefore there is no need for anger.  You know The Way, so there is no need for doubt, or worry, or hatred, or greed.  You know The Way.  What you are missing is living The Way.  If you stand-out, because you are living The Way, then as you stand-out you are living The Glory of God upon Earth.  I encourage you today, to begin to live another Way.  I encourage you by offering My strength in the words that, ‘I AM with you,’ to choose The Glory of God in the face of anger, to choose The Glory of God in the face of deceit, to choose The Glory of God in the face of rejection, to choose The Glory of God.”





     Know what you are doing, what you are thinking, every minute of the day, for in this creation process much is taken into consideration as you fold, and mix, and stir, all the ingredients, until it is done, until it is completed.  But, understand this, that, as you are creating, as you are making, all of your thoughts, all of the things you think in the process of the creation, are held within the creation.  Therefore, bless whatever you are doing, be mindful of what you are doing, so that when it is done, when it is completed, it holds the energy of light.  That which is created is the product of the creator.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      When you are upset or agitated, angry or worried, whatever is causing your inner landscape to be disrupted, this impacts every move you make, every thought you have, every word you say, for the agitated individual does not speak the same as the individual who is in peace.  So, look around, pay attention, and when you are given the opportunity, when you encounter one who is in need of peace, bless them, and let it be.





      Change the way you are thinking.  Change your thoughts so that they are more positive, so that they are filled with light.  Once you change your thoughts, to flow in a more positive way, your perspective is altered, in a good way.  And, once your perspective is altered, broadened, you are no longer limited by what you could see before.  Once you change your thoughts, and your perspective is broadened, you see, with clarity, that which you could not see before.  You understand, clearly, that which you could not understand before.  It all begins with a thought.  Clarity begins with a thought.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not hold yourself in place, do not weigh yourself down, when it is meant for you to fly, to see all the beauty of Earth.  When your thoughts are heavy and dark, filled with shadows, doubt and worry, you are too heavy to fly, your thoughts are cramped, your perspective narrow.  Today, begin to see clearly with a thought, and monitor your thoughts through the day, so that you keep them clear.  And, once they are clear, the clarity you created within your thoughts will show you The Way to a beautiful new day.





      It truly is more important to be kind, loving, compassionate, and understanding than it is to “be right.”  Making your point, having the last word, being right is a practice which has slipped into mainstream amongst the human beings upon Earth.  And, this is a waste of energy, a waste of time.  Today, practice letting another stand in their statement.  Practice living your word.  Practice not confronting someone who has made a statement you believe is in error.  Let it be.  Far more is accomplished when others see the word living; it is more powerful than shouting the word or singing the word, living the word is.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Resist the temptation to continue an argument by insisting you have the last word.  This practice strings-out the flow of negative energy, and it is totally unnecessary, because it will accomplish nothing, except elevate negative energy all around you.  Let it be.  Allow another to stand in their statement, for that is what the world will see.  The world sees you standing in your statement.  What does the world see?  Today, stand in your statement and resist the temptation to argue, counter, or do anything but live the word.




      My children, your roles, your missions, your ministries, are all different, and uniquely suited to you; and, the promise is you will have all you need to accomplish your mission and return Home victorious.  I do have a plan for you, and it is wondrous.  I will provide all you need to make it happen, but that, which will be given to you, is held until the timing is just right.  Do not be distracted from your mission by the temptations of the world, leading you this way, and that way, so that your focus is taken from your mission and applied somewhere else.  Be at peace in knowing that The Plan is yours, you are uniquely suited to your mission, and that which you need will be there, when you need it.  The Plan, and the timing, is perfect.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not listen to the temptations that whisper in the night that God is not answering your prayer, God does not hear your prayer, God does not even know you are seeking an answer to your prayer, for these are all wrong.  God is with you.  God is within you.  And, that which you need will be delivered to you, when the time is right to complete the mission in the proper way.  So, rise-up and greet this day knowing that whatever you need to accomplish your mission shall be there, when you need it.  When it is time, it shall be done.