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      Let forgiveness well-up in your heart, pass over your lips, and flow-out to embrace all those around you.  Be quick to forgive, when it falls to you to forgive.  The act of forgiveness is never complete, for if you are trespassed against, in any way, forgiveness is the answer, it is the key.  Forgiveness resolves the offense, the trespass.  And so, if it is necessary for you to forgive once, it is necessary for you to forgive over-and-over again, without ceasing.  Do not ask, “How many times should I forgive this?”  You already know.  You must forgive, and forgive, until you are free.  Forgiveness is a gift, created by you.  Forgiveness is one of the treasures you can bring back Home with you.  It is something you have created out of nothing.  It is something you have created from a desire to heal, to heal all things – forgiveness.  Even when you are pressed, to the point of not wanting to forgive, one more time, stand-up, hold your shoulders back, lift your head, look up to the sky, and let the forgiveness begin in your heart.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       There can never be enough forgiveness, true forgiveness.  Often you hear, “I forgive you.”  Often you say, “That is forgiven.  It is okay.”  But, until the wound does not sting, until you can think of that person with only love, until you can embrace those who once spit in your face, the forgiveness is not complete.  Therefore, create a prayer of forgiveness for yourself, so that you can visit that prayer often, so that you can speak that prayer frequently, so you can bless all trespasses and transgressions with the golden gift of forgiveness.




    I wish for you to know the freedom that comes with addressing a task, which is yours to do, sooner rather than later, for each of you knows that there is something that you usually put-off, because you do not like to do it, because it is difficult to do.  Today, look around, pay attention.  What has been sitting, waiting?  Yes, it is waiting for you, and all these months it has been waiting, and there has been worry attached to this waiting.  You will soon find that addressing those things that come to you, that are bothersome to do, are best addressing immediately, so that you might relieve yourself of days, or weeks, or sometimes months, of knowing something has to be done, but putting it off.  This is carrying negative energy with you.  It is nagging at you.  It is bothering you.  And, what has taken months of worry can be addressed, usually, in a day or far less.  Today, look around, and if you only do one thing, do that one thing that has been sitting, waiting for your attention.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not fall to the temptation to look gloomy, or sad, or irritated, frustrated, even grumpy, or out-of-sorts, because a task has fallen to you, and it is yours to do.  Ignore the temptation to do this task, to complete this work, in negative energy, and put a smile on your face, sing a song.  Do anything that distracts you from being upset or irritated, however you approach your task is important, because that is the energy that will be held in the completion of the task.  So, when you have an opportunity to complete something, or to start something, to do a job, do it with the best energy possible.  And, while you are at it, why not bless it?




      I love you, and I want you to know, that as you draw nearer to Me, as you stay close to Me, you will not be afraid; for, you will feel My presence with you, you will know, wherever you go, God is there too, standing with you.  In the course of walking with Me, and talking with Me, and being so near to Me that you feel My presence with thee, you will come to understand the importance of not making other matters, issues, peoples, or things, more important than our relationship.  For, if you create an alter or a temple, and you place upon that alter that which is most important to you, you are showing what holds your heart.  Therefore, if you are consumed about the worries and concerns of monetary matters, it is possible for these concerns to drive a wedge between you and Me, and that is where you place your focus, on monetary concerns.  You might put a job upon that alter and find that it distracts your focus from Me to your job, your work.  You might put a relationship on that alter, then it is possible for that relationship to replace Me.  Think on these things today.  If you will stay close to Me, all things, which are meant to be, will come to thee.  I will be the center, holding all things together, and that which revolves around you, as you walk upon the Earth, will circle both of us; for we will stand together, in the center, and watch as it moves on, without fear.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       You have often heard it said not to put strange gods before The Creator of All Things.  These strange gods could very well be described as money, clothes, position in life, anything that distracts you from your connection with God, because with God all things are possible.  Without God, life can be challenging, disappointing, you can feel lost, and alone, you can know fear as your companion; but, with God, all things are possible, without fear.



      Oftentimes, it can be easy to slip into the temptation of jealousy.  If you are mindful of it, it is still easy to slip into the temptation of jealousy, especially when you know someone, or someone who is close to you, is celebrating the purchase of a new car, the purchase of a new coat, the gift of a new ring, or a necklace, or perhaps even a new house, it could even be a trip to a far and distant land, something they had planned for a very long time.  And, this temptation will come knocking on your door, especially when it is time for you to buy a car and there are no funds, when you would like a new coat, but it just is not possible.  Celebrate the things that come to others.  And, once you practice celebrating the joys of others, the achievements of others, the things of others, you will find you are not so jealous, because you are too busy celebrating with them, rather than wishing you had what they have.  Today, practice.  When someone tells you, they have bought something new, celebrate.  It will not take long before this practice settles into you comfortably, and it is the first choice, the first thing you do is celebrate the good news of others.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is so much to celebrate, but one of the most glorious things, about living upon Earth, is the opportunity to celebrate all the good that comes to those you know.  When this is the first choice, when this is the only option, then the joys of others are your joys.  If today you find that you are wishing you had that new coat, or the new house, or a trip to a far off place, celebrate that another has the coat, has the house, or is going on a trip.  Celebration will be the practice which will keep you from sinking into jealousy.  Try it, today.  It might sound simple, but I can assure you it is The Way to overpower the temptation to be jealous.  Celebrate.