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      You have heard it said that people know you, through the words you say, and the deeds you do.  And this is true.  People feel they know who you are, by listening to what you say, by observing what you do.  And this is how you can know Me, too.  Be still, and listen, and you will hear My Whisper, within you.  You will begin to know My Ways, as I guide you, from within.  And all you need do, is look, all around you, and see My Ways, in nature.  There are signs day and night.  Look and see all that I do.  See My Presence, and hear My Voice, in: blankets of flowers, covering Earth; the rivers, streams, and oceans; towering trees; majestic mountains; rolling hillsides; tranquil valleys; animals at play, and animals at work; people at play, and people at work.  Look, and observe, what is happening all around you.  And as you look and see, you will come to know Me.  Listen, so you might hear.  Look, so you might see.  In this quiet observation, you will come to know Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       God speaks to you, every day, throughout the night.  You are just too busy, moving here and there, with work, and play, and family, and friends.  It is not that you do not care.  It is because you dismiss the truth, that God is there, with you.  I AM within you, to guide you.  You have read this.  You have heard this.  You speak it.  You say, you know it.  But today, show it.  Be still.  Be quiet.  Listen.  When the chaos and confusion is stifled, you can hear The Voice of God: in the rivers, in the streams, in the oceans, in the seas; in the whisper of the trees; in the humming of the bees; in the sacred silence, of the warmth of the sun; in the drip, drip, dripping of each drop of rain; in the breeze, which beckons you to pause, and just be.  Be guided, and know The Way, because you have heard God speaking, to you, through all of nature, today.  Look, and see.  Listen, and hear.  The Voice of God is with you.




      Everything you do is a creation, which comes from you.  And the creation holds the energy, that you were using, as you created.  Think on this, awhile.  If you are cutting the grass, in your yard, and you are frustrated, or angry, or sad, or gloomy, those feelings are energies, but more important than that, those feelings are the ingredients, of that which you are doing, that which you are creating.  If you are joyfully sweeping the floor, then joy, is the ingredient, that goes into that creation, moving into the house, into the floor.  You are doing more, than cutting the grass, or sweeping the floor.  You are doing, and as you do, you are creating.  So, while you are doing, while you are creating, check the energies you are using, because they are the ingredients, of that, which you are creating.  If your attitude needs repair, before you cut the grass, before you sweep the floor, pause.  Check the attitude.  Check your intention.  Check your energy.  Everything you do, everything you create, is worthy of the finest ingredients.  Therefore, reject the ingredients of darkness and shadow, and choose the ingredients of light, the ingredients of Heaven.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You are busy, most of the time, and as you work, and work harder, you find, you are growing weary, and tired, sometimes even absent of mind.  And it is in these times, that it is easy for the temptations of frustration, or anger, to slip into you, diminishing all that you do.  If it needs to be done, and it is to be done by you, make sure the ingredients you use, are the finest of light.  Reject the ingredients of shadow and darkness, outright, and everything you do, even cutting the grass, and sweeping the floor, will be blessed by you, will shine, with The Light of Heaven.  Let everything you do be divine.  Check your attitude.  Create with Love.




      Stop judging, even before it begins.  Renounce the energy of judgment, outright.  The Way to rise above judging others, or yourself, takes practice.  And this will help you practice.  When you see a flower garden, and one flower is red, and another is yellow, you see the flowers.  You know that one is red, and one is yellow, but you do not judge them harshly, because one is red, and the other is yellow.  You see and know.  When you see one bird, soaring high, and another flitting from branch to branch, you see, and you know.  But you do not judge, one bird for soaring, and other for flitting.  No.  You see and you know.  When you see one person, who is large of frame, and another, who is slight of frame, see, and know, and let it go.  Do not judge the one, who is slight.  Do not judge the one, who is full.  Practice not judging others, nor yourself.  Most of the time, during your day, you see, and know, and let it go.  But there are thoughts, which trigger judgment, almost instantly.  And you know, the trigger, which prompts your thoughts, to judgment.  Practice with the thoughts, which are leading you astray, down The Path of Judgment.  Practice, until you have perfected, “see, and know, and let it go.”

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Sometimes burdens are heavy, because you have overstuffed the sack, you are carrying, with judgments of others, or yourself.  It is not necessary to carry the weight of such burdens.  God has not given judgement to you; therefore, it is not yours to do.  But still, the temptation is there, to judge someone for what they wear, or the length, or the color, of their hair.  Judgment is insidious.  It sneaks into the course of the day, and soon becomes a part of you.  The temptations to judge are many, and often powerful.  But even as they come, flying to you, you can practice, so you know what to do.  Whenever you are tempted to judge, “see, know, and let it go.”


      Thousands of years ago, I sent My Son: to walk amongst you; to teach you; to show you The Way to live a joyful, peaceful, blessed life, upon the Earth.  And all He did, and all he did say, he did, and said, to show you The Way.  And now, he has returned Home.  But it has been set in place, that each, of you, are to walk upon the Earth, doing all that He did do.  My Holy Spirit is within you: to show you the way, to guide you, to tell you where to go, to teach you what to say; so that, where there was one of Him, there could be millions of you, walking upon the Earth, showing that, which one must do, to be at peace, to be happy, to live a blessed life.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is time to, rise-up, and do.  Live the Heavenly Way.  It is with you, and it is possible to do.  But you must be quiet, and still, and listen, so you can hear, and learn, and know, The Way.  You are to be different.  You are to be kind.  You are to be gentle.  You are to remind, those around you, that the most powerful energy, ever created, is Love.  And God is Love.  God does not just love somebody today, or tomorrow, or yesterday.  God is Love.  Therefore, God can be nothing, but Love.  And God’s Love flows into, and through, you, like good blood, through your veins.  The Life is within you.  Rise-up today, and do, all that you can do, for The Glory of God; for The Glory of God shines, within you.  The call has gone out.  Now, who will come forth?  Let it be you.




      Justice is not found in retaliation and revenge.  An eye for an eye, will not resolve the anger, or hatred, burning within.  Oftentimes it is the fuel to the fire of retribution.  And even when reduced to smoldering ash, just below the surface, there is always the threat of the fire erupting, the dragon rising, the reckoning.  Ongoing animosity, between individuals, groups of people, races, creeds, nations, will never be squelched through acts of retaliation and revenge, even, when performed, in the name of justice.  True resolution will arrive, descending from The Hallways of Grace, on The Wings of Mercy.  When we talk, when we connect, when we meet, you will not be seeking justice.  You will be seeking Mercy.  And, Mercy and Grace, I shall give unto thee.  Now, go forth, and do the same, and do so, in My name.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Seek to use The Gifts you have been given with The Wisdom of Heaven, so that all you do reflects The Glory of God, shining within you.  Give to others, that which you seek for yourself, that which you desire for yourself.  That is true justice. The words and deeds of ego can lead you astray; but The Wisdom of Heaven will show you The Way.  I AM with you.  Sit with Me, for a while, today.



      “I AM with you.  You need not seek, just turn around, and there you will find Me, walking next to you.  There is no need for fear, or worry, or concern, of any kind.  Be still, be quiet, and you will find, I AM there, with you.  It is The Promise that I shall always be with you.  It takes faith to believe that this is true.  But, when you are still, and quiet, it is easier to do, to know I AM there, with you.  I will continue to show you The Way, until you return Home.                                                                 


      “Let us speak of revenge and retaliation.  It is a vicious, cruel cycle, which entraps all who venture near to it, like a black hole, in space.  One reason, that the energies, of revenge and retaliation, are so strong, resist resolution, desire to live, within those it has entrapped, is because these energies are ancient, most often growing stronger, more insidious, with each new generation.  The energies, of revenge and retaliation, travel through generations, taking up residence in those, who would not give shelter, to such shadow and darkness, but for the teachings of generations.

      “It is time for the energies, of revenge and retaliation, to stop, to ravage no more, to extinguish not one breath of life.  It is time for each of you to turn the other cheek to insult, anger, war, revenge, and retaliation, for this is not The Way.  It is not My Way.  It is not The Way of God.  It is hostile to The Way of Love, Kindness, and Generosity. 

      “Envision a scene wherein one individual is assailing another.  Envision the one, being assailed, turning his head from the assailant, completely, as if looking toward something, in another direction.  What are you seeing?  What are you noticing?  One has stopped the act of aggression.  One has turned his attention, away from the act of war, and turned the face, the eyes, the ears to The Voice of God.  One has voluntarily chosen, another direction.  And that chosen direction, is toward God.  It is The Way.

      “Many generational wars, and battles, curses, and vendettas have ended, because one, two, or more, of the combatants, chose another direction, turned the other cheek, so they could, more clearly, hear The Whisper of God, know The Wisdom of Heaven, from within.  It takes faith to do this.  It takes a desire to do The Will of God.  It takes choosing Spirit over ego.  It takes listening, to The Wisdom of Heaven, that you hold, within you.  The ways of the world grow dim, and fade, when you are held in The Way of God.  Let the battles cease, and rage no more.  There is nothing more that you can do, but to let the battle end, with you.”





      Never be so set, in your ways, that you cannot learn, a new way.  Never be so set, in your course, that you cannot alter, your course.  Never be so set, in your ways, that you cannot look, and see, a possibility of, another way.  Do not be so set, on your course, that it is impossible for you to be flexible, bendable, movable.  Look at the sands, of the desert.  Look at the waters, of the oceans.  Look at the course, of the rivers and streams.  They are not rigid.  They are following, the course of, the present.  And the present will take you into tomorrow, where you can use the lessons, of the past.  It is best to go into tomorrow, carrying the lessons, from where you have been.  To do this, you must actively engage, in the present.  For, the present piece of eternity, is where you are, where you learn the lesson, where you are exactly where you are meant to be, at that moment, in eternity.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you observe nature, all of the Earth, The Great Creation of God, you soon find that, everything moves, and flows, together, as one.  When something happens, to disrupt one flow, another flow is coming, right behind, calming, that which was disturbed, setting a course, for the present, (that) it is just, right to be in the present.  And all, of nature, knows this.  Look, observe, see, and know.