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January 07, 2021



      I have given unto you My Spirit.  The Holy Spirit resides within you, and can lead you, into truth and light; but most of the time, this sacred Gift sits, waiting for you to acknowledge The Gift, and use The Gift, thus receiving all blessings and grace, which accompany The Gift, and the use of The Gift of The Holy Spirit.  Every decision you make is a creation.  That which you decide to do, you do, and, in so doing, you create your desired outcome.  When you seek direction in prayer, you are seeking to bless the decision, you are preparing to make, with The Wisdom of The Holy Spirit.  Do not ignore the truth, that you, right now, have the opportunity to bless, every decision you will ever make, with The Wisdom of The Holy Spirit.  The world is in dire need of the blessings and the grace, which flow abundantly, through The Wisdom of The Holy Spirit. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

       I AM here, within you.  Be still, and in the quiet, listen.  Listen with your heart.  Listen with your spirit, and open to receive, that which I will give to you.  If you will ask, I will bless every decision, which sits before you, with grace and wisdom.  Your decisions, every one of them, can hold The Wisdom of Heaven, if you will but seek My guidance.  Whenever the path seems obstructed, impossible to pass, I will lead you, so you do not trip and fall.  I will fill you with Divine Wisdom, so you know The Way, and walk in it, every day.  That which you cannot see, I see.  That which you do not know, I know.  Feel My presence with you, for I AM The Wind of Wisdom, and I AM within you.