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January 1, 2020



      Every morning is a new beginning.  All, that has been sleeping, through the hours of the night, awaken with the coming of the light, and there is movement, and motion, and excitement about that which is to come.  The day is set before you.  Who will lead you?  What ideas will inspire you?  For, The Breath of The Holy Spirit will fill you, and thoughts will come, and the thoughts of light will lead you forward.  Be mindful of the leader you choose, of the one you will follow, of where you are going, of what you are thinking, and the seeds you are sowing.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Some might say it is difficult to know: which way to go; what to do; right from wrong, for you.  And I tell you this, if you are mindful, if you are intent on standing directly in the light of God, to pursue happiness upon the Earth, to live a joyful life, then awaken to the fact, to the truth, that you will know, because you will feel it.  You will know thoughts, and words, and deeds of light, and how they might differ from thoughts, and words, and deeds of shadow, or darkness.  You feel the light around you, you feel the shadow around you, and you feel the darkness around you.  So, pay attention to how you feel, and set your intention to live in the light.