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January 1, 2021



      Hear Me.  As if, for the first time, hear Me.  Walk out of the clouds, that hold you, and bind you, and blind you, with chaos and confusion, and draw near to Me, as if, for the first time.  Believe in Me.  For the first time, believe, without trappings, and rules, and regulations.  Just believe.  It is time to return to the first time.  There has been a tower of rules and regulations, suspicions, built around the teachings of My Words.  Today, strip away all preconceived notions, and just hear Me, for the first time.  If you will strip away everything that alters, even ever so slightly, My direction, you will hear, simply, and with purity.  You will not be checking, or correcting, or mending, or altering, The Words; but you will be embracing The Words, which kiss your soul and spirit, for the first time

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Begin to embrace The Words of God, for the first time, free of debris, washed clean, from any controversy, or correction.  Avoid the rules and regulations, that tell you, you must hear this way, or that way, and just listen, and hear, The Word of God, because God is speaking to you, to each one of you, to every one of you, every day.  No matter where you are, who you are, what you think, or what you say, The Creator of All Things is speaking to you.  But you are rejecting what you hear, because: you are trying to categorize, what God is saying to you; you are trying to alphabetize, what God is saying to you.  Listen, and, for the first time, hear, purely, The Words God is speaking to you.  Let it begin.  Come, and let us renew this relationship.  Listen for The Still, Small Voice.  Listen for The Whisper.  Listen for My guidance, as I Am within you.  And do it all, for the first time.