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January 10, 2020


      Give some consideration and thought to the possibility: that your struggle every day does not have to be so difficult; that all the effort you put into the tasks you perform every day does not have to be so tiring, overwhelming.  You try your best, you work your hardest, but there is a component you are missing which will help make your way easier.  It is the sacred component you hold within you, the answers you carry within you.  Before you hurry out the door, be still, take the time to sit-down, and ask for guidance from within, and let it be known that you are willing to take this inner direction, and use it through the course of the day.  It will come, because it is already there.  All you need is within you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       You might think that it takes great faith to make a forward movement based on inner direction, and you are correct, it does take faith.  But your faith is not a gamble, your faith will lead you to the real thing, that which you are meant to do, that which will bring joy to you while you are doing it.  Do not be afraid to chart your earthly course using The Sacred Compass you hold within.