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January 10, 2021



      You are first born of My Spirit.  When you travel to Earth, a robe of flesh is wrapped around your soul and spirit.  And this robe of flesh carries, the markers, and the characteristics, of who you are to be, upon Earth, even down to your physical attributes, talents, and skills.  Your spirit and soul carry The Gifts of Heaven, held within this robe of flesh.  But the robe of flesh is a temporary disguise, a uniform of Earth, an indicator that you are a human being, a being of Earth, for a while.  But, when it is time, for you to return Home, the robe of flesh is removed, revealing the soul and the spirit, bearing the markers, indicating that you are an eternal being, a citizen of The Kingdom of Heaven.  You are born of spirit, and you have been born of water and blood.  Your first birth, of spirit, comes from Above, and your second birth, of water and blood, comes from your physical, Earth experience.  Once you return to The Kingdom of Heaven, you are as the angels, and wear The Eternal Robe of Spirit.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not be so concerned about what form you will be, when you return Home, or what happens, during the time of separation of the body, from (the) soul, and the spirit.  Be more interested in how you live your life upon Earth.  Do not squander your time upon Earth, because it is short-lived, and then you return to spirit.  During your lifetime, upon Earth, that, which you think, and say, and do, becomes a part of you.  In a meaningful way, they mark you, preparing for your return Home.  You carry your thoughts, the words you say, and the deeds you do, and these become the markers, the characteristics of who you were, upon Earth.  That which has been done cannot be undone; however, all that has been done can be blessed, stamped as a lesson, thus, becoming a blessing rather than a curse.  Begin now, preparing for the return journey.  Forgive what is in the past, and bless it, with the name of a lesson.  Forgive that which comes to you today, and with clearer vision, see the lesson, in every encounter.  Be vigilant, prepare, make ready, for it will soon be time to return Home.