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January 10, 2021



      “I AM with you.  I reach-out to touch you, and to celebrate the gift of a new day, upon Earth, with you.  Look around, and take-in The Glory of God’s Creation, Earth.  See her, in all her glory.  With every leaf, and blade of grass, and flower of the meadow, she sings of The Glory of God.  She knows her Creator, and she knows she was created to be The Glory of God.  So, she continues God’s Great Creation, by giving and sustaining life, the life of Earth.  See yourself as such, continuing God’s Great Creation.  You are God’s Great Creation, and God loves you, more than you can possibly know, at the present time.                                        


      “In a thought, you were created by God.  You were created in the image and likeness of God, and God is Spirit, God is Love.  Your eternal life began, at the instant, of the creation, of your spirit, and your spirit shall live forever.  This is challenging to comprehend, while your spirit is confined, within the robe of flesh, that is your human body.  But it is, nonetheless, true.  When you return Home, you will not be wearing the uniform of Earth, which in some cases is well-worn, beaten-down, wounded, and worse for wear.  Your return Home will be The Return of The Spirit that you are, bearing all the markings, of your journey, upon Earth.  Your Earth experiences of love, hate, grief, fear, disappointment, shame, guilt, and every other memory of Earth, will bear witness to your time upon Earth, and from these moments, of despair or heroism, you will be crowned with The Wisdom of Heaven.  You cannot return with your favorite shoes, or coats, or cars, but you can return with the memories of what you did, of what you saw.  And these become the decorations of who you are, in Eternity.  Your Earth experience taught you lessons, which you will carry with you, forever.

      “When a child is born, the parents are usually the ones, who feed, and bathe, and dress the child.  But it does not take long, for the child, to reject the choices of the parent, wanting to make their own choices.  Sometimes, quite a battle is waged before it is resolved.  With the passing of time, the child ventures a bit farther from the parent, choosing friends, and clothing, studies, and sports, or other pastimes, on their own.  But still, when nighttime draws near, the child returns home to the parent, where there is food, and warm beds, baths, and clean clothing.

      “The child begins playing games, and soon these games become serious enough to be considered sports.  The child joins a team, and even wears the team uniform.  The child becomes a skilled participant in the sport, that once was only played for fun.  Each sport has its own uniform.  There is different clothing for soccer, baseball, track, and basketball.  And, after each game, the child returns home, with a uniform, usually dirty, and soiled, possibly tattered, or torn.  Yet, underneath the varying robes, of each sport, there is still the child, a tired child, a weary child, but still, a child.  And, upon return, that child is welcomed home with celebration, clean clothes, good food, and a warm bed.  They are home.

      “No matter how many sports you play, or other pastimes you explore, you do not carry torn uniforms, or broken equipment, with you, as you mature.  But you do carry the lessons you learned on the field of each endeavor.  And these lessons become markers of who you are, and all that you learned, on the playgrounds of your youth.  They are vital pieces of who you are.  And it is the same with your spirit body.  When you return Home, after participating in the worldly games of Earth, you will carry the lessons you learned, on the fields, of each endeavor.  And these lessons of Earth will become the markers of who you are, and all you learned, during your time upon Earth.  So, do not play, the games of Earth, in shadow and darkness.  Participate in life, upon Earth, and do so in The Light, and for The Glory of God, for we are all waiting, to welcome you Home, where you will be cleaned within The Presence of God, fed with the manna of Heaven, and your spirit will wear the robe of Home, once again.”