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January 11, 2021



      I wish for you to know The Way.  I wish for you to be confident, with every step, because you know: you are on the right path; you are going The Way, you are meant to go.  But My child, seeking answers to where you should go, and what you should do, what you should think, even sometimes, these answers, will come, from those around you, but these are the answers, coming from those, who are often as confused, if not more confused than you.  Answers, coming from those, who are confused, or turned upside down, will not lead you the right way, they will send you wandering.  And even holding the answers, of those around you, you will still be seeking, another answer, some other answer, because the source, of your answer, was confusion, and chaos, and frustration, and worry.  If you will sit with Me, to begin every day, just sit, quietly, I will teach you, and show you, The Way, clearly.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you will begin each day, in quiet, sitting with God, you will feel My Spirit, growing within you, for I was sent to you, to each of you, so that you would know The Way.  I was sent to you, in such a way, that I would be within you.  And so, the answer, you receive, when you sit and pray, at the beginning of each day, is The Answer, specifically designed for you, for what you are meant to do, where you are meant to be.  And it will not be padded with jealousy, or frustration, or confusion.  It will be illuminated.  It will be The Wisdom of God.  And it will be coming, directly, from within you.