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January 12, 2020


      “I AM with you.  I reach-out, extend My hand, and offer guidance as you make your way through this day.  I AM with you, and there is change around every corner, with every person who walks in and out of your life, with every situation that presents itself, and then dissolves.  I AM with you.


      “From the time you take your first gasp of air, and breathe-in at birth, there is change.  It swirls around you, and things come in and out, flowing like a river.  Yes, life upon Earth is very much like a river, never staying one place, moving-on, headed toward the destination, the completion, just around the bend.  Today, I want to encourage you to make sure you are always connected with the one Constant, the ever-present Source of Love, and Light, and Peace in your life, and that is God.  God will be the constant when everything else around you is changing.  Using the terminology of the present time upon Earth, it could easily be said that it would be a good thing to make God your Best Friend.  Talk to God about everything.  When you are tempted (1) to go to this person, or that person, to relate something that happened to you that either upset you and made you angry, or upset you and made you sad, (2) and you tell this story to this person, or that person, there is really no resolve by doing this.  It is just making it grow bigger, and bigger, and bigger.  But I can promise you this, if you take every situation and sit with your Best Friend, your Constant Source of Love, God will listen, without interrupting; and, once you are done, once the story is told, God will guide you to the next step with wisdom.  The direction will not be the same as the ways of the world would teach you, because God’s direction and instruction will not be a way of retaliation, giving this for that, making life pretty miserable for the other person.  God’s direction will come to you in the form of love, a loving response, thoughts, words, and deeds, a way to resolve every issue, and have it truly dissolve before you. 

      “God is your Constant.  Life is changing.  Do not be tempted to hold what comes to you.  Let it come to you, be with you, and then move-on, if that is what is intended for it to do.  As you begin your journey upon the Earth, you begin it alone.  You are born alone, and you will pass back through the doorway into your heavenly experience alone.  But there are many blessings along your journey, while you upon Earth.  Situations come, and they go.  Some lessons come and stay, they remain with you, and you take them forward into each day.  Some people come and go.  Very few people come and stay, but it is meant to be that way.  And, those who are meant to stay will be walking with you along The Way.  You will not have to hold-onto them or make them stay.  It is their destiny to stay to walk The Way.

      “Today, spend some time thinking, and pondering: God as your Best Friend, God as the Source of the only divine answer to any situation; and then, letting people and situations come into your life and stay for the season they are meant to stay, and then go, moving on their way.  That which is meant to be with you will be with you, without clutching, holding, or grabbing.  It is the flow of your lifetime upon Earth.  Let it come.  Let it go.  Make the journey with those who are with you, with God guiding you all The Way Home.”