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January 13, 2019

“I AM with you.  Yes, I AM truly with you in as any ways as you desire to know Me, and I will show thee The Way.  The course of your journey will be as difficult as you imagine, or as amazing and wonderful as you can imagine.  Your thoughts will determine your experience; therefore, whenever you acknowledge My presence with you, I will guide you, and show you The Way!


“The New Covenant I was sent to deliver was not shrouded or clouded.  With great clarity the direction, for those who would hear Me, was: to love one another; to be charitable in all ways; to be aware of the trials of others; to tend the sick; to visit the imprisoned; to feed the hungry, and give drink to those who thirst; to turn the other cheek, and to forgive, even unto death.  These were simple directions, without qualifications assigned in any way.   They remain the same, to this day.


“For those of you who will hear, do not limit the opportunity that is yours, do not restrain what you can do, do not complicate that which is simple, and pure.  You are upon the Earth for a brief time.  Embrace the opportunity as the gift it is, and live, loving, without qualifications, or limitations.  Live, and let the glory of God live with you, in you, and through you!”