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January 13, 2020



      Every day is a cause for celebration, for singing, for joy-making; therefore, let the song ring-out over the Earth.  Do not be so concerned about how others are singing.  Sing your note, sing your song the way you are meant to sing your note, and sing your song.  And as you are singing, permit others to sing their notes, and sing their song, exactly as they are singing.  For, when all the voices are lifted in song, singing their note, it all moves along as a beautiful symphony on one note, every variance of that one note is held within the song.  It is not a monotone; it is a glorious tone.  Sing and allow others to sing along, for it will blend, and they will become as harmony, and it will tie the world, wrap the Earth, with ribbons of song and celebration.

 And the Holy Spirit says:

       When God sends-out the call let there be song.  All of the angels sound their tones, and the sweetness of the melody holds Heaven in its song.  The same can be done on Earth.  Send-out the call.  Let there be celebration for all.  Raise your voice.  Do not hesitate to sing your song, because the song is not complete until you sing along.