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January 13, 2021



      As you rise-up, on this new day, do not be tempted to look away, already making your lists, and plans, of what you must do, and where you must go.  Do not do these things, before you come, and sit, quietly, and speak My name.  And I will tell thee, and prepare thee, for that which is to come to thee, this day.  For in all your planning, and in all your list-making, you cannot prepare for, that which you cannot see; but, I see, that which will come to thee.  And, if you sit quietly with Me, we will make preparations: so that you shall not thirst, or hunger, for justice, or compassion; so that you will feed others the food, that you long to taste, the drink, which will quench your thirst.  I will give thee all you need, so you might share with others in need.  In this way, there will be no lack of justice and compassion.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is always the temptation, as you rise-up, to rush into the day.  It could be many reasons: perhaps you slept too late; perhaps your bed was too comfortable to refuse.  But, upon arising, do not use these things, as an excuse, to rush into the day, before you pray.  Be still.  Sit, or stand, or kneel, and call: to see, what you will need this day; to ask, for guidance, all along The Way; to make it known, that it is more important, for you, to connect with Home, and know what you are to do, than to rush into the day, and meet challenge and surprise, possibly losing your way.  Be still, be quiet, as you welcome the day.