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January 14, 2020



      The journey into shadow and darkness most often begins in a place unseen by others, that private conversation going-on in your thoughts. Be mindful. Who are you talking to? Who is your partner in conversation? If your thoughts are going back and forth about what another person did, how terrible this person is, or how awful that situation was, blaming this one and that one, and sometimes you are the victim of this conversation, this hidden conversation, I will tell you this morning something that will help you, it will save you when the temptation is to open the door and go down the pathway of shadow. Know who you are talking to! If you are talking with Me, if I AM The Whisper within your being, I will be speaking of love. We will not be discussing what is wrong with this person and that person, or why they did this or that. My response, My child, will always be, “I love them.” And, it will cool the fires threatening to roar-up within you until you are filled with rage. This is the pathway to shadow and darkness, which begins in your thoughts. So, remember, when the conversation begins, be discerning of your conversation partner. If it is not of light and love break the connection, and call Me, for I AM there with you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      There are some days when it is easy to resist the temptation to think ill of others. And, there are other days, maybe the days that do not seem to unfold the way we would like them to unfold, or maybe we do not feel so good physically or emotionally, those days can be easy for the shadowy spirits to come calling, to knock on the door, and be invited-in. But, for those of you who are ready and willing to accept this information, and put it to good use, you can save yourself many journeys in shadow, if you will refuse the conversation, break the connection, and speak with God, because God will offer Divine Guidance, miraculous intervention, which will change the course of your thoughts, and bring you peace.